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Hello there.

I work under the name "AK Translations" as a freelance translator. I am working now a long time as a freelance translator, more than 25 years. Looking at my background - I majored in 1986 in Dutch linguistics with distinction and have published extensively on the subjects of linguistics and literature, both in Holland as in abroad - the Dutch language is in good hands. Between 1988 and 1993 I was head of the Dutch localisation department of Aldus Europe in Edinburgh. I was the last to arrive, but when I left in 1993 my language was the first to ship. In 1993 I returned to my home country and I established a practice as freelance translator.

For whom did I translate in all those years? Some of my clients were:

  • ·         Adobe
  • ·         Microsoft
  • ·         British Steel
  • ·         Philips
  • ·         Sony
  • ·         Saint Jude Medical

You mention it.

Maybe I can mean something to you?

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